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  e-Purchasing for Government
Our e-Purchasing System is designed for and used by government agencies to publish and manage procurement solicitations online. This program provides wider distribution of your solicitations, saves you time and money, and automates your purchasing process ... and is absolutely FREE to you and your vendors!

Why e-Purchasing ...

  • Save Time & Money –  eliminate costs associated with copying, mailing and advertising. Find RFP allows you to manage your purchasing process electronically!
  • Wider Distribution – Your solicitations will be distributed to and viewed by hundred thousands of potential suppliers, thus increasing competition.
  • Easy to Use – e-Purchasing requires no additional software or hardware. Simply log in and get going!  Our specialists are standing by ready to assist you.
  • Increase Efficiency – e-Purchasing automates and streamlines the procurement process, allowing you to control the entire bidding process from announcing the bid/RFP to posting the award information.

How e-Purchasing works ...

  • Post and manage solicitations online
  • Notify national and local vendors of your solicitations
  • Track all solicitation activities from issuing to awarding
  • Access and manage vendor database online
  • Evaluate vendor's bids efficiently
  • Customize your solicitation center
  • Conduct online reverse auction

Want to see how your RFP will appear to your vendors? Click the icons below to see examples. You can customize the appearance to suit your needs.

View Sample RFP Home Page
View Sample RFP Detail Page

Sign Up today and see how the e-Purchasing program can help you. Simply complete the registration form, and a specialist will assist you with the rest. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn what e-Purchasing can do for you.

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“Things are great. I love the interface and your fantastic service. My team members find it easy to use, and we find we are getting responses from vendors we are not aware exist...fantastic!” -- Jennifer Whiting, Director of Information Systems and Support, Florida Virtual School.

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